Quality Welsh Lamb
Certified farm assured lamb raised to the highest standard in a natural environment.We have Quality Welsh Food Certification.

Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb came out on top in comparative tastings, “because it had a lovely robust flavour, wasn't too intense, and was tender with a really good texture” (Jamie Oliver, BBC Good Food Magazine, October 2004, Page 77-84).

Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb As Supplied to top London Restaurants
Mouth watering lamb from family run hill farms in the heart of North Wales, bred to give you a most wonderful eating experience.
Reared up to 1000ft, in the view of the Snowdonia mountain range and are nurtured by clean westerly winds, rain and sun.
Lambs are raised to both animal welfare and environmentally friendly standards.
This is a premium product, specially selected to go straight from the farm to your fork.The lambs are specially bred for a unique texture and quality of meat.

Our stock are produced by breeding from our foundation Beulah Hill ewes to retain flavour and hardiness to Blue Faced Leicesters to improve length, prolificacy and lactation. The resulting Muels are bred to Texels and Beltex to give the end product of high lean meat to one and fat ratio that makes our high quality product.
The lamb is usually hung for maturation for 10 - 15 days to ensure that extra succulent flavour that makes for the very best eating experience.

Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb's quality is recognised for its tenderness and exceptional sweetness. Welsh Lamb offers the consumer the succulence of a naturally produced meat which is easy to prepare.

Welsh Salt Marsh Lamb From One of Rick Stein's Food Hero's
One of the epicurean delights available in summer is the unique taste of authentic SALT MARSH LAMB.
This is lamb, bred, born, reared and fattened on land that is regularly covered by tidal waters, only to be found on some estuaries with grazing containing grass, samphire, rushes and seaweed.
The availability of this type of grazing is rare and gives the lamb meat a unique and fascinating taste, which is not obtainable from land, adjoining, but not regularly flooded by the sea. This taste is only achieved from grazing land that is flooded by daily tides.
Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb are able to supply special SALT MARSH LAMB which is guaranteed to fulfil1 all the essential criteria mentioned from an estuary in an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by mountainous hills and with unpolluted water, and with salt marsh grazing on several thousand acres.

Elwy Valley Mutton as Cooked by Jamie Oliver on C4 "Jamie at Home"
Mutton is once again being regarded as a premium meat and it's all thanks to the Mutton Renaissance Campaign of which we are also members. Instigated by the Prince of Wales in 2004, the campaign - coordinated by the Academy of Culinary Arts (of which Prince Charles is patron) and the National Sheep Association - has steadily been gaining pace.
We are happy to supply mutton both in carcass form or in cuts. Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb mutton products have recently featured on the Channel 4 series Jamie at Home with leading chef Jamie Oliver

Prize Winning Welsh Black Beef
All the Welsh Black Beef we supply is pedigree and is sired by Mynydd Morgan. Mynydd Morgan is a prize winning Welsh Black Bull who has previously won Supreme Champion at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. All our Welsh black is hung for 32 days, to achieve a supreme and unique taste.
Indeed, at a special 'blind' tasting of fillet steak by 12 top London chefs, the
Welsh Black entry beat off competition from some of the world's most famous
beef breeds, including the Chalosse, SaJers, Limousin, Charolais, Simmenthal, and Aberdeen Angus. The expert judges declaring the Welsh Black beef to be the best.
All beef is supplied to order and is available as a quarter animal (approx. 40kgs) or as a half animal (approx. 90kgs), either on or off the bone.

Park and Wild Fallow Venison
We source our park deer from Eaton Hall, Grosvenor Estates and our wild deer from Cefn Estate, Denbighshire. We can supply both carcass and cuts as required.
Our fallow Venison is all from deer of under 24 months old and is hung for a minimum of 10 days for maximum flavour.
Fallow venison is considered by many gourmets and connoisseurs to be the supreme venison on account of its unique delicate flavour and fine texture, indeed, Auguste Escoffier, the finest chef in the world in his day, stated that Fallow venison 'has no equal as far as delicacy and tenderness are concerned'. It is also a healthy low fat alternative to other meats.


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